graphic Frequently Asked Questions : About compatibility
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Is WinOSX a freeware program?
     R:-Yes it is ! It’s free and can be distributed without any restriction. You can have a look at the license agreement for more information.

I've heard of two different version of WinOSX, different if I have a system running the ServicePack 1 for Windows XP or the ServicePack 2...
     R:-It is no longer the case since WinOSX 2. Now the software works on any Windows XP version, in any language.

Is WinOSX working on non-french systems ?
     R:-Yes it is, since WinOSX 2 the software is independant of the system language. Hovewer some very advanced mods are available only to french, due to some limitations of Windows (but you won't notice it if you don't use french).
     The english translation of WinOSX is complete, but for other languages I used english when I needed to translate some texts. You can improve WinOSX by translating this remaining items to you own language, have a look to the WinOSX\data\languages folder. And by the way, the english version of this help manual is very incomplete, you can help here to !

I’ve already installed a previous version of WinOSX. May I overwrite the old version with the new one ?
     R:-Yes you can do it safely. If WinOSX detects old version files, then it will convert them into WinOSX files. But do not install WinOSX over another Customisation Pack, uninstall the old pack before.

I’m using a multi-users computer, with different Windows sessions on it. Will WinOSX modify  other users’ sessions ?
     R:-Only two components have an impact on the whole computer : the system files, which change all windows icons, and the association of Nexplorer (the finder clone) to the folders. When you are asked the components to install, these components are marked as "(ALL SESSIONS !)". Everything else will only affect your session.