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Sunday, May 21 2006

WinOSX development halted

WinOSX has not been updated for a long time now, because :

  • I don’t have time
  • I’m now focused on other things, like Web developpement and C# programming
  • I didn’t reinstall Windows recently, and didn’t saw the aspects of WinOSX that could me more polished

I stop the developpement and the support of the beast, but you can still dowload it, use it, and even improve it, as I will provide the sources of WinOSX to everyone asking for it. If you look for a actively supported AquaPack, you can try FlyakiteOSX, which rocks.

Thanks for all your support :)

Saturday, November 5 2005

WinOSX 2.1

Après plus de six mois sans mise à jour majeure, j'ai le plaisir de vous annoncer la sortie de WinOSX 2.1. J'ai essayé de corriger tout ce qui ne me plaisait pas lorsque j'installait WinOSX pour mon propre usage, voila donc le résultat, j'espère qu'il conviendra au plus grand nombre.

Les principaux changements sont :

  • Le retrait de NeXplorer : bien que superbe, il reste trop lent et souffre de quelques imperfection gênantes. S'il y a plébiscite, je le réintégrerai dans une prochaine version, mais désactivé par défaut.
  • Son remplacement par la Finder Bar de Kabal : elle permet d'avoir une Barre de Finder intégrée à l'Explorateur Windows. C'est une bonne approximation des fonctionnalités de Finder et l'intégration à Windows est meilleure que NeXplorer.
  • L'ajout d'une skin iTunes pour Winamp : cette skin conçue par Megabit combine merveilleusement la légèreté de Winamp et les graphismes somptueux d'iTunes.
  • Un nouveau fond d'écran : ce fond d'écran Tiger modernise résolument le style de Bureau.

Il y a bien sûr eu de nombreux autres changements, qui améliorent la stabilité globale de WinOSX et son utilisation ; de nombreuses icônes, images et ressources ont également été mises à jour. Je vous invite à consulter la liste complète des changements pour plus de détails. À noter également le retrait de la skin pour MSN Messenger, que je devais mettre à jour à chaque nouvelle version de MSN. À la place, un lien vers des skins MSN mises à jour très régulièrement a été ajouté dans le Menu Démarrer.

Rendez-vous sur la page de téléchargement pour télécharger WinOSX 2.1.

Have fun !

Saturday, October 15 2005

New forum template

Before the release of WinOSX 2.1, I've updated the forum skin, and switched to the MyApple template. It gives a better Aquafeel than the previous default phpBB theme. You can view the new template here.

Sunday, May 15 2005

iColorFolder has now it own website

iColorFolder, which is included in WinOSX, is the little tool that allows to change the color of Windows XP folders. It has been posted only on Aqua-Soft forums, but I noticed that many people were redirected to WinOSX website when looking for iColorFolder.

It has now it own website, hosted at Juste to have a clean presentation page instead of old forum posts...

Thursday, April 21 2005

WinOSX 2.02

Here is a new small update, WinOSX 2.02. It is mainly intended to update the MacMSN skin of the_unknow, as the final version of MSN Messenger 7 is now out. I've added too a little setting to remove the Trash from the Desktop when installing ObjectDock. Asian languages have been also restored : they have been removed in version 2.01, due to compilation problems, but everything works fine now.

  • Added: Setting to hide Trash form Desktop
  • Changed: Updated MacMSN skin by the_unknow
  • Changed: Added Asian languages support, removed in version 2.01 due to compilation problems

Enjoy ^^

Monday, April 18 2005

English website, the return

The website is back in english, and now dynamic. It is based on the exellent Dotcleår, an Open-Source blog system, highly customizable. You can now post comments to news, separated of french comments, and access all the website in english.

However, the default language is still french, you have to change it with the menu on the top of the page. I hope to provide an automatic language detection soon.

Sunday, March 13 2005

English website

As you can see, I'm trying to set up an english version for the WinOSX website. My english is very poor, so it is not easy, but I do my best. All sections are not translated yet, but actually I'm waiting for the new dynamical WinOSX website to complete this english part.

The Help section is already available (partially) in english, the Download section and the forums too.

Saturday, March 12 2005

WinOSX 2 is out !

WinOSX 2 is out. This new version brings some big changes and news features into WinOSX :

  • Compatibility with all versions of Windows XP
  • Support of several languages, including English
  • Secure System Files replacement
  • Compatibility with Windows Update
  • Panther Bootscreen

The stability and the security of the setup process have been greatly improved, because the system files are no more replaced by other, but patched during installation. That means you can now install WinOSX on any version of Windows XP, in any language. If some icons are changed after a Windows Update, just run the dedicated tool to restore the Mac icons without loosing the benefits of the Update.

Discover the new stability of WinOSX 2 in the Download section !

Friday, March 11 2005

New website

I know, this website isn't really good, but each time I recode it I try to improve a bit the stuff. As some nice people are helping me a lot in design and coding, you should see some important changes in the coming weeks.